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Based on the use of digital resources in mobility, Urban Explore provides a new mode to exchange views and read the territory. With digital tablets on hand, the public explores the city, guided by a speaker speech.

Through in situ testimonies, audiovisual archives or textual records, the visit provides a singular vision of the territory. 

The user browses through the contents along the walk, the app giving him access to a collection of selected and editorialized contents, according to the theme of the walk.

Urban Explore offers a collective experience with a strong group dynamic favoring sessions of exchange and the development a collective view.

The app is built like a fully customizable device to the visit site, the topic covered and the goal intended in terms of mediation.

Mobile app conception and production

→ Feasibility study and definition

→ Technical and functional conception

→ UX design • Web and mobile design

→ Technical developments

→ Administrative tool implementation

→ Administrative tool training

Digital contents conception and production

→ Audiovisual contents conception and production

→ Archival records identification and collection

→ Participatory workshops conception and animation

Conception and animation of visit walks

→ Conception of thematic walks

→ Animation and digital mediation




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