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The use of web services in mobility is a strong component of western major cities, structuring the urban space and allowing to bring digital and physical territories closer and even to blend them together, to give form to an enriched territory. This territory is defined firstly as an informational continuum where the users can access to a set of devices (ambient networks, smart objects, Near Field communication…), aiming at enriching, increasing and controlling its mobility.

At urban territory level, in mobility Information and Communications technology (ICT) contributes to the shift of citizens’ relation to time and space, influencing individual and collective behaviour and changing significantly the territorial perception, use and planning. They produce urban contradiction and dislocations on territories, with stacks and nodes, connections… that make the urban landscape hard to read.

The digital tools' potential in terms of mediation and valorisation of urban territory is significant and the city of tomorrow is built around a range of technologies: smartphone, connected objects, smart furniture... But this “enriched” city will not happen without a creative and participative use of these technologies. Dédale provides an original approach to address these challenges by considering city storytelling as a key element of its service offer.

With Citytelling, Dédale provides innovative devices to urban stakeholders enabling them to read, understand and write the city with their residents.

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By supporting territorial development, Citytelling promotes the emergence of a creative urban planning and fosters citizen participation.

Citytelling meets the challenges of discovering, developing and appropriating the knowledge on tangible and intangible heritage, that is constantly evolving but remains a major component of urban territories.

The enriched cultural contents, the new forms of innovation supported by uses and services help providing innovative approaches for territorial and heritage mediation.

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