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Heritage Experience is an innovative cultural digital service dedicated to the territory, cultural and architectural and intangible heritage.

The project leads you to explore a territory while accessing, in mobility, to a customized flow of audiovisual contents according to your movements.

This interactive and immersive multimedia device is based on an innovative iPhone app, providing users with a sensitive and original reading of the area through the creation of a narrative from a collection of audiovisual contents.

Equipped with an iPhone that records his path thanks to GPS features, the walker gathers geolocated audiovisual fragments.

Through his stroll, the visitor listens to the soundtrack of the film he generates using headphones. He visualises the film editing in process through his application interface. This way, his path will "waken" and sequence the images and sounds. 

The experience is divided in two stages: 
> The immersive sound path
> The film, singular and unique

Mobile apps conception and production

→ Feasibility study and definition

→ Technical and functional conception

→ UX design • Web and mobile design

→ Technical developments

→ Administrative tool implementation

→ Administrative tool training

Digital contents conception and production

→ Audiovisual contents conception and production

→ Archival records identification and collection

→ Participatory workshops conception and animation




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