Administration tools

Manage and distribute your digital contents to generate original narrative universes!
The CityTelling kit provides you with three administration tools to help you create and manage your web and mobile apps independently. 


CMS dedicated to the creation of smart interactive cartographies

→ Cartographic editor
→ Management and storytelling of multimedia contents
→ Exploration and web content aggregation: social networks, cultural databases...
→ Multi-users environments and dashboard

© Dédale

Management tools of mobile apps dedicated to enriched territorial walks

→ Creation and management of indoor and outdoor walks
→ Multimedia contents management and storytelling
→ Web contents exploration and aggregation : social networks, cultural databases...
→ Production of customisable and cross-platform mobile apps
→ Multi-user environnement multi-utilisateur and dashboard

© Dédale

Digital resources management and merging Mac OS app for uses in mobility

→ Data semantic indexing
→ Inclusion of thematic descriptors
→ Creation and affiliation of uses scenarios
→ Automatic and generative data combination
→ Data distribution on various supports: web, smartphone, tablet
→ Online data storage
→ Multi-user environment and dashboard 

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