CityTelling provides a set of services and digital devices for city storytelling to public authorities, cultural institutions and urban stakeholders.

3 original user services help you with the valorisation and storytelling of your territorial digital resources:
>> A collaborative and sensitive cartography
>> A mobile app for heritage mediation
>> An app for enriched territorial walks

We create and develop tailored applications, adapted to your technical environment and your users needs, in the fields of urban tourism, heritage mediation and valorisation, urban development and citizen participation.

Heritage Experience | Mobile app for heritage mediation
SmartMap | Collaborative and sensitive cartography
Visuel Heritage Experience 1 © Bruno Coutier

An innovative cultural digital service dedicated to the territorial and heritage valorisation

Based on an innovation iPhone app, Heritage Experience allows you to explore the territory in a sensitive way and to access to a wide range of geolocated audiovisual contents in mobility (archives images, interview of the area users, views of experts, residents stories...).

Throughout the walk, the iPhone app compiles the contents based on the user's motion and behaviour, providing a true narrative of the territory.

capture smartmap

Web or mobile cartographic application, SmartMap can be developed for any territory, from a neighbourhood scale to a city scale.

The SmartMap aims at promoting the emergence of a collective, emotional and shared vision of the territory. The project invites visitors and users to reclaim and rediscover their recreational, visit, discovery and work spaces.

Urban Explore | Enriched walks of the territory
SmartCity Living Lab
visuel Urban Explore 1 © Bruno Coutier

A new form of territorial, heritage and urban mediation

Urban Explore's mobile app provides a new way to exchange on and read the territory. With digital tablets on hand, the public explores the city, guided by a speaker speech.

The Urban Explore app provides an access to editorialized digital contents th
L’application Urban Explore permet un accès en mobilité à des contenus numériques éditorialisés venant enrichir, appuyer ou illustrer le discours d’un conférencier et révéler toute la mémoire audiovisuelle du territoire traversé.
Urban Explore offre de nouvelles modalités de mise en oeuvre de conférences en mobilité, favorisant le dialogue et l’échange.

logo Living Labs / Enoll

In situ and in vivo experimentations

Citytelling leads to a series of experimentations in the south of Paris, developped in the frame of SmartCity Living Lab - Laboratory for urban innovation on the creative and sustainable city - in partnership with the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris.




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